Benefits of Pumpkin.

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 Benefits of Pumpkin The flesh is bright yellow. In addition to making many sweet and savory dishes. It also provides countless health benefits for women.

 Helps lose weight

          Pumpkin is a vegetable rich in fiber that is often overlooked because its flesh is quite dense. So many people think that has a lot of starch. In fact, 3 grams of pumpkin provides only 49 kilocalories of calories. Therefore, if you are on a diet and are quite bored with all the green leafy vegetables. Try switching it up to get some of the good benefits from pumpkin UFABET 

Reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet

          Pumpkin contains powerful antioxidants, carotenoids. That will help protect skin cells from being damaged and sagging. Helps reduce the chance of wrinkles on the skin. Especially wrinkles and crow’s feet. and various wrinkles. It can be said that if you eat pumpkin regularly. The chance of having a bouncy, firm face is probably within your reach.

 Adjust the moody mood

          Let’s admit it, even if it’s not a hot day, beautiful girls like us are temperamental enough. Oh…well, whatever happened didn’t quite work out as I wanted. But leaving him in a moody mood often wouldn’t be very cute. So let’s eat to help improve our mood. Bright yellow pumpkins contain tryptophan, which helps create serotonin. which is a hormone that suppresses stress and helps control the mind to be calm. So if you don’t feel very good. Pick up crispy roasted pumpkin seeds and chew them for fun. It can help

 Nourish the blood.

          Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin K. Important vitamins for blood vessels. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in blood-nourishing minerals. Such as iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium. Which is good for women’s health during menstruation. Including maintaining the health of pregnant mothers regarding the nervous system, bones, muscles and the growth of the little one in the womb as well.