Tenhag defends Donny despite criticism for his poor form.

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Donny van de Beek got the chance to start for Manchester United in the Europa League on Thursday. But the 25-year-old midfielder’s performance was disappointing and he was the target of harsh criticism.

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has backed Donny van de Beek despite the Dutchman’s disappointing performance in Saturday’s 1-0 win over Real Sociedad in the Europa League. Thursday until he became the target of criticism from the elite media. According to a report from ‘The Athletic’ last Friday. UFABET 

Van de Beek played as a starting lineup for Manchester United for the first time in 330 days, but the 25-year-old midfielder performed disappointingly before being taken off the field in the 58th minute, followed by severe criticism from the British media, but Te N Hag also protects his teammates.

The Dutchman refused to say Van de Beek was a bad buy for the club. ‘At some point it’s possible. But now it’s not.

‘Donny has prepared quite well. Then he got injured and now he’s back. I think he played really well for 15 minutes, he put in a great performance.’

‘I know him very well. But he delivered what I did in terms of position and transition.’ 

‘But I think he can do more. And that is his greatest quality. He can be a bigger threat to opponents’ goals.

‘Why does Van de Beek have such a difficult time sometimes? Manchester United? I don’t know, I can only talk about my time here. during my time here He did well in the moment we gave him.’ Ten Hag said.