Techniques for playing blackjack cards.

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Actually the blackjack cards counting formula is not a cheat. But a technique that relies on the unique abilities of each player. Because it will be calculating and memorizing the cards. That have been dealt out. which has techniques for thinking and calculate as follows

  • Numbers 2-3-4-5 and 6 count + 1
  • Numbers 7-8 and 9 do not count or are zero.
  • Numbers 10-JQK and A count -1 UFABET 

As for the method of counting cards with this technique, it will start from the first player who receives cards. If the number 2 card is received, then it will be a number 10, that is, subtract each other, for example + 1 and 1, leaving 0. Which must be calculated. and keep adding like this until you reach a point of 16. That’s your timing because it’s considered that the card with the smaller points all gone, leaving only the bigger cards. Therefore expecting to open the cards from now on. There is a chance that you will win or make. The dealer has more than 21 points until the dealer loses money around the circle itself.

With this technique many casinos forbid players from counting cards. Or some casinos may cancel playing blackjack casino cards altogether. While online blackjack cards that players can Will count and record everything. That is dealt so it is easy to beat the dealer’s cards to make a profit.