Techniques for counting blackjack cards. How to count?

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The matter of counting blackjack techniques is also a matter of your own game of skill and luck. If you understand this correctly. Guaranteed that you have a chance to win more for sure. You should at least play this game regularly. and must try to memorize the cards. That are dealt on the table so you can be sure High cards are not dealt yet. Because in the deck, the lower the cards. The more It increases your chances of winning more.

you can follow as below:

1 The first blackjack card counting technique is Thorp’s Ten. This type of counting began in the 1960s, invented by Edward Thorp. 1-9, count plus 4, but if the card is 10, count minus 9, but if the counted number is higher you have a chance to win UFABET 

2 Ace/Five card counting is counting 1 when the card is less than 5 and when an ace is followed, subtract the 1 you counted. If the number counted = 2 or greater than 2, you can bet.

3 Hi-Lo card counting, if the face card is 2-6, count plus 1. This type of card is called low, but if you get a 10s card, subtract 1. This type of card is a high card, and the card is from 7-9. Count 0 when you start counting from the start of the game. This will allow you to evaluate the cards that will be drawn next.

4 In Knock Out card counting, Jack and King count with – 1, numbers 2-7 count with + 1, numbers 8 and 9 count with 0.

you can follow as below:

5 Counting cards like Red Seven, if the face cards come out more than 10 and Aces, subtract 1. But if the cards are 2-6, must add 1. Numbers 8 and 9 count 0. The final result from counting the whole stack of cards is + 2.

6 Omega II card counting is used in many combinations of card counting methods: if 2, 3 and 7 are counted plus 1, while 4, 5 and 6 count plus 2, 9 cards count minus 1. 10 Jack Ma’am King to count minus 2 cards, 8 to count 0, etc.

7 Wong Halves card counting was developed by Standford Wong, the final counting result is 0.

This is a blackjack card counting technique. That you will need to learn to help you win the most bets. It’s just that you may need to take the time to learn. And try this technique in a real casino blackjack game come in someday. If you use this technique consistently. Because it can actually make you win bets.