Rules for measuring winning and losing results of bounce Pok Deng card.

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Pok Deng card it’s not difficult to measure results, lose, win. By adding the card values ​​together. The sum exceeding 10 points will be subtracted. Equal to the highest score of poker cards is 9 points. Followed by 8 points and then descending in order. In case the sum of two hands is the same. The person holding 2 cards will win 3 cards.

If starting with the first two cards with a total of 8 or 9 points. Called Pok 8 or Pok 9 must immediately face up to show a good hand. And not draw more cards If two cards with the same suit. It is called “pokdeng” and pays twice the bet amount. The word “pokdeng” means the prize multiplier. Which is paid to two cards of the same suit or different cards. But the same number. If it is “three bounce”. It is 3 cards whose return will increase to 3 times the amount of the bet UFABET 

Rules of Pok 9 and Pok 8 that you should know.

The meaning of Pok 9 means the first two cards can be count in total for 9 points. While Pok 8 means the first two cards can be count in total for 8 points. There are rules specified as follows.

  • The dealer and the player both get equal poker cards. It is consider a draw. Return money to both parties.
  • The player gets a higher pok than the dealer. i.e. the player gets 9, the banker gets 8, the player wins. get money from the dealer.
  • Player has lower Pok or not pok Considered a lose player Bets must be paid to the dealer.

But even if you get Pok 8 and Pok 9. If the other party gets Pok Deng. It will always win Pok deng must have 2 cards with the same suit or a pair of cards with the same number. Pok deng will give a payout rate of 2 times the bet amount. While Pok 8 and Pok 9 will have a payout rate of 1 time.