Pep Guardiola reveals he is honored to be Pique’s coach.

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Pep Guardiola wishes Gerard Pique the best of luck in the future. After his former player abruptly announced his retirement from professional football on Thursday.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola, as Gerard Pique’s former boss, admitted to being surprised by the 35-year-old’s sudden announcement of his retirement from football and said it was an honor to join him. The player has spent four years at Barcelona, ​​according to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Friday. 

‘It’s surprising news. He was in England from an early age. UFABET After that he has built an amazing career in Barcelona, ​​I wish all the best for him and his family. I know his father and mother. an amazing human being have a great personality’ 

‘A player for the big game. All the big clubs want these players. He won everything with Barcelona and Spain. He’s smart. And it was an honor to be his trainer. We spent four incredible years together,’ said Guardiola.

When asked if he felt there was anyone in the City squad similar to Pique, Guardiola replied: ‘It’s not about comparisons. It has a negative effect when you compare someone. If you ask about the best defender you’ve ever trained. It’s not fair to pick players.’

‘Pique always wanted to be a Barca player, his dream came true, he took 13/14/15 years and showed up in difficult times. and great moments In difficult moments and big moments in the Champions League final or the World Cup, the Madrid derby is always there.’

‘His career has had its ups and downs. All players are like that. His personality is always there in the dressing room and in the big games,’ said Pep.