Starting to cut sugar: ways to reduce sugar and make it less sweet for good health.

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Sugar is a sweet found in many foods and beverages. Too much sugar can have negative effects on your health, such as weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases. Therefore, if you want to cut out sugar, Drink selection Food that is sugar-free or low in sugar is therefore important.

Practice ordering less sweetness: The first step starts with the food and drinks you eat on a daily basis. Especially brewed drinks that often have added sugar such as tea, coffee, cocoa, green tea, etc., especially if they are cold drinks. They often contain even more sugar. Therefore, it is recommended to order ‘less sweet’ or ‘half sweet’. Practice saying it in your mouth every time you order a drink. If it’s a home-brewed beverage, you should reduce sugar gradually or choose ready-made beverage products or ready-to-drink beverages that contain just the right amount of sugar, no more than 12-16 grams per 200 milliliters of beverage volume, such as Nescafe Blend & Brew formula. Low sugar, Nescafe Americano low calories, Nescafe Americano Sugar-free formula, Milo UHT, low sugar formula, ufabet, etc.

Focus on products ‘Healthy choices: when deciding to pick up food should read the nutritional labels on the packaging. To understand how much nutrients and energy the food we will eat has. But sometimes comparing sugar, fat, and sodium content while shopping can feel more difficult or time consuming than it should be. We have an easier way to look for: Nutrition symbols ‘Healthier Choice’ logo, which guarantees that the product has been inspected for sugar content within appropriate limits. We can choose to buy with confidence that it is good for our health. In addition, you may notice words about sugar on food labels that you should know:
– Less / Low Sugar means that food has reduced sugar by at least 25% from the normal recipe.
– No Added Sugar , meaning that food does not have added sugar. The sweetness comes from natural sugars contained in the ingredients of that product, such as malt, milk, honey, etc., or it may come from the addition of sweeteners to maintain the delicious taste.

Choose to drink water with meals: Choosing plain water instead of sugary drinks or soft drinks between meals. In addition to helping reduce sugar that enters the body It also helps us focus fully on the delicious taste of each meal. Plus, you can save your sugar quota for your favorite drinks in the afternoon or snacks during the day. The benefits of drinking enough water to meet your body’s needs, approximately 1.5 liters per day. Will help refresh you, quench your thirst, various systems in your body work well, and your skin will be bright.

Choose fresh, less sweet fruit. Instead of afternoon dessert: Change snacks during the day from the usual selection of sweets, cakes, cookies, or crisps. It comes as a slightly sweet fruit from natural sugar. Examples of the appropriate amount of fruit to eat at one time include 4-5 pieces of papaya, 1 green apple, half a dragon fruit, half a guava, etc. Which will also help reduce the sugar intake. Helps to feel full and comfortable with less calories. Fruits are also rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and anti-oxidants that help the skin look bright, radiant. And have a good digestive system, solving constipation problems as well.