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Xavi praised and blessed Pique.

Xavi Hernandez has heaped praise on Gerard Pique and wished the 35-year-old the defender. Who will make his last appearance against Barcelona against Almeria in Liga on Saturday. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has wished Gerard Pique all the best for the future after the 35-year-old

Busquets calls Gerard Pique another Barcelona history.

Sergio Busquets has named Gerard Pique as one of Barcelona historic players. After the 35-year-old centre-back announced his retirement on Thursday. Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets has hailed Gerard Pique as one of the best and greatest players in the club’s history. The 35-year-old defender abruptly decided

Pep Guardiola reveals he is honored to be Pique’s coach.

Pep Guardiola wishes Gerard Pique the best of luck in the future. After his former player abruptly announced his retirement from professional football on Thursday. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola, as Gerard Pique’s former boss, admitted to being surprised by the 35-year-old’s sudden announcement of

Popular online poker games.

We want to be your hub for the best Poker games information. Today we select and present the most popular and interesting types of real money poker games. Let’s share for you to keep as an option as follows: Texas hold’em cards Also known as Hold’em,

3 Card Poker Betting Types.

3 Card Poker Game Normally played in live casinos. This game uses 52 cards without Jokers. How to play the game, the rules are the same all over the world. Whether playing in Macau, Europe, America or anywhere else by the name of the game. The player and the dealer are

How important is Pokdeng’s position?

Pokdeng’s position is also considered important. The dealer has the advantage because it will play the last hand. In which the game starts to deal cards to the players one by one. Until the dealer is the last Gamblers can choose to play multiple hands. It is called multi-leg betting to

Techniques for counting blackjack cards. How to count?

The matter of counting blackjack techniques is also a matter of your own game of skill and luck. If you understand this correctly. Guaranteed that you have a chance to win more for sure. You should at least play this game regularly. and must try to memorize the cards.